AngleSharp is the ultimate angle brackets parser library. It parses HTML5, CSS3, and XML to construct a DOM based on the official W3C specification.
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Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package AngleSharp -Version 0.10.1

Packages that Depend on AngleSharp

PackageLatest VersionTags
Abot crawler robot spider
AbotX 1.3.81 crawler robot spider abot
Addic7ed.Addic7edApi 1.0.0
AngleAssert 0.2.0 AngleAssert
AngleSharp.Css 0.10.0 html html5 css css3 dom styling library anglesharp angle
AngleSharp.Io 0.10.1 html html5 css css3 dom requester http https io filesystem storage httpclient cache
AngleSharp.Scripting.JavaScript 0.5.1 html html5 css css3 dom javascript scripting library js scripts runtime jint anglesharp angle
AngleSharp.Xml 0.11.0 html html5 css css3 dom requester http https xml dtd
AngleSharp.XPath 1.1.0 HTML XPath AngleSharp
AntiSamy 1.0.5
Artportalen Artportalen Api
AspNet.Security.OpenId 2.0.0 aspnetcore authentication openid security
BackpackLogin 0.1.0 teamfortress2 steam steambot steamweb steam-api crawler bot bot-framework
Bam.Net.Server 1.16.1
Battlelog.BattlelogApi 1.0.1 battlelog battlefield bf bf4 bfh hardline
Blazor.Compiler 0.3.0
BrowseSharp 0.0.7 Headless Browser Javascript HTML Parser Web RestSharp AngleSharp Jint Type Deserialization API Testing Security Automation Bot
ChromeHtmlToPdf 1.2.0 HTML PDF Chrome
Cofoundry.Core 0.6.0 Cofoundry Core
Cofoundry.Domain 0.6.0 Cofoundry Domain
Cofoundry.Web 0.6.0 Cofoundry Web CMS
Cofoundry.Web.Admin 0.6.0 Cofoundry Web Admin CMS
DeninaSharp 2.1.1
Derungs.H2o 1.0.0 HTML parse css selector extract object extract
dotNetRDF 2.2.0 RDF Semantic Web SPARQL RDF/XML Turtle Notation3
DotnetSpiderLite.AngleSharp 0.1.6910.4 DotnetSpider crawler
EricLib 1.0.1
Esfa.Ofsted.Inspection.Client 0.0.35 Ofsted Inspection
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity100.MicroData 17.2.10 Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity100.Performance 17.2.10 Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity100.RenderingHelper 17.2.10 Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity100.Splash 17.2.10 Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity101.MicroData 17.3.86 Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity101.Performance 17.3.86 Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity101.RenderingHelper 17.3.86 Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity101.Splash 17.3.86 Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity92.MicroData 14.0.5 Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity92.Performance 14.0.5 Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity92.RenderingHelper 14.0.5 Telligent utility
FourRoads.TelligentCommunity92.Splash 14.0.5 Telligent utility
Gave.Libs.Fbchat 0.2.8 facebook messenger chat
Html2Model 1.1.2
HtmlSanitizer 4.0.207 xss anti antixss html security
HtmlToAmp 1.0.0 html amp convert
Ingeniux_InSite_Search_2 2.11.23 ingeniux insite search cms dss dynamic mvc
IqdbApi 1.4.0 api iqdb image search
ITGlobal.MarkDocs.Markdown 2.0.130 markdocs markdown documentation aspnet aspnetcore
ITGlobal.MarkDocs.Search 2.0.130 markdocs markdown documentation aspnet aspnetcore
K9Soft.Utils.TrafficRestriction 1.0.0
Kentico.Libraries 12.0.10 kentico api
KenticoCloud.Delivery 9.0.1 kentico mvc aspnet aspnetmvc
Kickass.KickassApi 1.0.0 Kickass kat torrent bittorrent
Kraken.SharePoint.Apps 0.1.8 SharePoint App Addin Add-in Client CSOM Office365 OfficeDevPnp
Kraken.SharePoint.Client 0.3.0 SharePoint Client CSOM Kraken OfficeDevPnp Office365
LNLamaScrape 1.1.2
Magpie.Library 1.0.1
MailMergeLib 5.6.1 smtp mime mail email merge template netcore netstandard net45 c#
MangaScrapeLib 4.7.6 manga scraper
MangaScraping 1.0.7 Mangas Hqs WebScraping MangaHost YesMangas MangasProject MangaLivre HiperCool
Masuit.Tools Masuit.Tools
Mechanize.NET.AngleSharp 1.0.2 dotnet dotnet-standard analytics spider scaper crawler robots html AngleSharp csharp IHtmlParser Mechanize.NET Mechanize
Meta.NET 1.0.20
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Blazor.Razor.Extensions 0.7.0
Microsoft.ProgramSynthesis.Extraction.Web 6.14.6 Program Synthesis SDK
MvcTesting 0.0.3 Asp.Net Core Mvc Testing Tests Razor
NeuroSpeech.NodePackageService 1.2.15
NeuroSpeech.NodeServer 1.0.20
NineGag 0.2.1 9GAG .NET API NineGag
NuScrap 0.1.0 web scrap nubank
Ofl.Core 1.10.8 utilities
Ofl.Html 2.0.8 html html-parsing
Overstarch 1.1.0 overwatch api player stats
Overwatch.Net 4.2.0 C# .NET Standard 2.0 Overwatch API Library
OverwatchCore 1.0.1 Overwatch DotNetCore DotNetCore2.1
Pangolin 0.8.26
PinchPerfect.InfrastructureAsCode.Core 1.0.34 Pinch-Perfect Infrastructure-As-Code PinchPerfect InfrastructureAsCode
Pjax.MvcCore 0.1.0 pjax
Plumsail.Forms.Provision 1.0.6 SharePoint Forms Provision
PreMailer.Loop.Net 1.6.0 email css newsletter html
PreMailer.Net 2.0.1 email css newsletter html
RotativaHQ 1.5.0 Rotativa PDF AspNetMVC
RotativaHQ.AspNetCore 1.2.0 PDF AspNetCore
RS.SAAS.EmailTemplater 1.15.0
Sana.RazorDeface 1.0.3 ASP.NET Razor deface
Schapi 1.1.2 School API School Meal Schedule
ScraperSharp 1.0.0
SeoOpenGraph 1.0.0
SharePointPnPCore2013 3.6.1902 SharePoint Office AddInModel AppModel FTCtoCAM SharePoint2013
SharePointPnPCore2016 3.6.1902 SharePoint Office AddInModel AppModel FTCtoCAM SharePoint2016
SharePointPnPCore2019 3.6.1902 SharePoint Office AddInModel AppModel FTCtoCAM SharePoint2019
SharePointPnPCoreOnline 3.6.1902 SharePoint Office AddInModel AppModel FTCtoCAM Office365 SharePointOnline
SharpExchange 1.0.1 api chat stackexchange websocket
SharpEye.Circuit.TaskExecution.CheckIndexWorker 1.0.10
Shorthand.UrlMetaExtractor 1.0.0
SitefinityWebApp 1.0.2 Emakina Sitefinity
SmartReader 0.5.2 Readability SmartReader reader article scraping reading web
SoftwareKobo.HtmlRender.WinRT 1.1.2
SS.CMS 6.8.3 SiteServer CMS
System.Windows.Documents.Reporting 0.3.0 XAML Reporting Documents Tables XLS CSV XPS PDF XLSX