Advexp.Settings Cloud - settings for Xamarin, evaluation version. Create cross-platform settings and make them accessible in your iOS or Android applications natively. Ability to save settings locally or to a cloud and sync them across different devices by using the Amazon Cognito Sync service. Ability to remotely configure your app by using Google Firebase Remote Config. Saving settings as dynamic parameters (name - value pairs). It use Amazon Cognito Sync to enables cross-device syncing of application-related user data. More informations about this storage you can find here: It use Google Firebase Remote Config to remotely configure your app. More informations about this service you can find here: Advexp.Settings support any built-in or user-defined types which can be saved as a setting. It is unit tested and supports PCL. NuGet package "Advexp.Settings Local" you can download here: Samples, Unit Tests and additional information you can find here: To purchase "Advexp.Settings Cloud", send a request to
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PM> Install-Package Advexp.Settings.Cloud.Evaluation

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