Daterpillar is a miro-orm that currently supports SQL Server, MySQL and SQLite. The library helps you to do the following. * Generate a database schema from classes marked with specific attributes. * Construct SQL queries. * Construct SQL commands. ******************* * USAGE * ******************* 1- Generating schemas. The package ships with a msbuild target that runs before the build target. When executed the target will generate a xml file (<asseblyName>.schema.xml) in the project output directory. You can specify which classes are included in the xml file decorating them will attributes. example: [Table] public class User { [Column] public int Id { get; set; } [Column] public string Name { get; set; } } 2- Constructing SQL queries The Query class contain methods to help create SQL queries. There is also a Query<T> class that uses relfection to build the queries where as the Query class uses plain old string concatenation. example: var query = new Query<User>(Syntax.MySQL) .SelectAll() .Where(x=> x.Name == "john"); or var query = new Query(Syntax.MySQL) .SelectAll() .Where("name='john'"); output: SELECT * FROM User Where Name='john'; 3- Constructing SQL commands The library contain several extension methods to generate commands from objects. example: var user = new User() { Id = 12, Name = "john" }; var insertCmd = user.ToInsertCommand(); output: INSERT INTO User (Id, Name) VALUES ('12', 'john'); var users = new User[] { ... }; var insertCmd = users.ToInsertCommand(); output: output: INSERT INTO User (Id, Name) VALUES ('12', 'john'), ...
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Here are the packages that version 4.8.8 of Acklann.Daterpillar depends on.

Thinktecture.NETStandard.Library.Abstractions : (2.4.0) Microsoft.CSharp : (4.5.0) System.Xml.XmlSerializer : (4.3.0)



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PM> Install-Package Acklann.Daterpillar

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Acklann.Daterpillar.Automation 4.8.8 micro-orm build automation tool code generator mysql sqlite