Contains probability distributions, statistical models and methods such as Linear and Logistic regression, Hidden Markov Models, (Hidden) Conditional Random Fields, Principal Component Analysis, Partial Least Squares, Discriminant Analysis, Kernel methods and functions and many other related techniques. Provides methods for computing variances, standard deviations, averages, and many other statistical measures. This package is part of the Accord.NET Framework.
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Here are the packages that version 3.8.0 of Accord.Statistics depends on.

Accord : (3.8.0) Accord.Math : (3.8.0)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package Accord.Statistics

Packages that Depend on Accord.Statistics

PackageLatest VersionTags
Accord.Audition 3.8.0 framework computer bag-of-words audition audio processing fft spectral classification extraction beat detection unity3d unity
Accord.Controls 3.8.0 framework statistics data visualization histogram scatterplot boxplot chart
Accord.Controls.Audio 3.8.0 framework winforms controls audio
Accord.Controls.Vision 3.8.0 framework computer vision object detection tracking
Accord.Extensions.Imaging.Algorithms 3.0.1 framework extensions imaging algorithms
Accord.Extensions.Imaging.Algorithms.LINE2D 3.0.1 framework template-matching
Accord.Extensions.Math 3.0.1 framework extensions math geometry
Accord.Extensions.Statistics 3.0.1 framework extensions math statistics
Accord.Extensions.Vision 3.0.1 framework extensions computer-vision KLT-tracker camshift meanshift
Accord.Fuzzy 3.8.0 fuzzy logic math unity3d unity
Accord.Imaging 3.8.0 framework image processing computer vision blur Gaussian integral unity3d unity
Accord.MachineLearning 3.8.0 machine learning artificial intelligence svm kmeans kmodes gmm ransac kernel deep knn unity3d unity
Accord.MachineLearning.GPL 3.8.0 machine learning artificial intelligence smo svm gpl kernel unity3d unity
Accord.Text 3.8.0 text tf-idf snowball stemmer nlp natural language processing unity3d unity
Accord.Vision 3.8.0 framework computer vision object detection tracking haar viola-jones camshift unity3d unity
imbACE Console Text User Interface Server Scripting
imbNLP.CoreAndData.NuGet1 NLP Lexic resources multitext content decomposition
imbNLP.PartOfSpeech POS NLP MULTEXT Morphosyntactic semantics
imbNLP.Toolkit 0.2.30
imbSCI Reporting DataTable static web site generator R Tidy Dataset
imbSCI.Graph Directed Graph Markup Language DGML DOT graph language graphviz data structure MXGraph JGraph Dia DiaShape
imbWBI.Core WBI Web Classification Business Intelligence
imbWEM.Core WEM Crawler Semantic Data Mining
LightConversion.Topas4 0.10.0 LightConversion OPA Light Conversion Topas Orpheus
MatchOutcomeDetector 1.0.2 Gaming Screenshot Match Outcome
portable.accord.machinelearning PCL .NET WPF UWP WPA81 Windows8.1 Xamarin.iOS Xamarin.Android
portable.accord.neuro PCL .NET WPF UWP WPA81 Windows8.1 Xamarin.iOS Xamarin.Android
QuantConnect.Algorithm.Framework 2.4.5140
Quest.CoreLib 1.0.5 EISEC emergency services gazetteer routing realtime messaging resources incidents HEMS mapmatching