This is the previous version 2 generation of the AWS SDK for .NET. The new version 3 of the AWS SDK for .NET uses separate packages for each service. For example Amazon S3 is in the AWSSDK.S3 package, Amazon SQS is in AWSSDK.SQS and Amazon DynamnoDB is in AWSSDK.DynamoDBv2.
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Here are the packages that version of AWSSDK depends on.

Microsoft.Net.Http : (2.1.10)



Installing with NuGet

PM> Install-Package AWSSDK

Packages that Depend on AWSSDK

PackageLatest VersionTags
accidentalfish.applicationsupport azure paas application framework table sql queue deployment configuration
AccidentalFish.ApplicationSupport.Email.Amazon 6.0.0 azure paas application framework table sql queue deployment configuration email amazon
AGCOD 1.0.0 agcod amazon
AgeBase.ExtendedDistributedCalling 1.0.1 umbraco distributed calling load balancing cache
Amazon.CloudWatch.Selector 0.2.0 F# fsharp aws amazon cloudwatch dsl
Amazon.SimpleWorkflow.Extensions 1.2.2 aws amazon cloud swf simpleworkflow fsharp f# csharp c#
AmazonDynamoDBStub AWS DynamoDB Stub
AmazonDynamoDBStub.EntityFramework AWS DynamoDB Stub EntityFramework
AmazonS3BucketPackage 2.0.0 AWS AWSStorage AWS Storage AmazonS3BucketPackage AmazonS3Bucket Amazon Amazon S3Bucket S3Bucketfile storage blob blobstorage blobstoragehelper cloud cloudstorage filestorage fileupload imagestorage imageblobhelper imagestoragehelper .net core .netcore .net core aspnetcore asp.netcore c# csharp
amazonsqs 0.4 aws amazon sqs
ApplicationInsights.AWS 1.0.0
AWSS3Helper AWS S3
AWSXRayRecorder 1.1.2 AWS Amazon cloud AWSXRay XRay
bandit 1.0.12 bandit dos ddos httpmodule aspnet
Bernos.FileUploader.StorageProviders.S3 FileUploader AWS S3
BetterCms.Module.AmazonS3Storage 2.0.8
BlobHelper 1.0.4
BM.S3Projections.Client 0.2.1
ChainReaction.DynamoDbRepository Amazon DynamoDb NoSql Repository Pattern
Chronos.AWS 0.0.154
CodeTorch.Documents 4.1.63 codetorch documents
CodeTorch.Web 4.1.63 codetorch web webforms
Darkseid 0.3.0
DEXS.Tools.PropertiesConfiguration 1.0.2 Java Properties
Directus.Metrics.AWS 1.0.1 validatedlearning metrics featureusage aws
Directus.SimpleDb 1.0.2 Amazon SimpleDB
Dragon.Files.S3 1.2.1
DT.SSO.Common 1.1.0 SSO360 Common Objects
DynamoDbAutoscaler 1.0.26 aws dynamodb dynamo
DynamoDbHelper_dotnet_4.5 1.0.0 Tag1 Tag2
ElCamino.AspNet.Identity.Dynamo ASP.NET Identity 2.0 AWS Amazon DynamoDB MVC UserStore RoleStore UserManager RoleManager multi-tenant
Emkay.S3 s3 amazons3 amazon aws
EnterpriseLibrary.SemanticLogging.AmazonS3 1.0.0 semantic logging enterprise library p&p
EssentialDesigns.AmazonWebServices 2.0.5536
Fen.Service 4.2.1 fulfiller enablement fen conventions service aspnetcore
FileStorage.AmazonS3 0.1.17 file storage azure amazon blob bucket
FluentDynamoDb dynamodb aws store mapping document map poco fluent
GzipS3Client S3 S3Client zip unzip gzip compressed
H24.Emkay.S3 s3 amazons3 amazon aws
Helpers.C3PO 2.0.4
ImageDis.S3 0.1.3 s3 aws image resizing server asp mvc
ImageResizer.Plugins.S3Reader 3.4.3 ImageResizer S3Reader Amazon Cloud Imazen Resizer imaging
JustSaying.Tools 4.1.333 event eventbus event-driven aws aws-sns aws-sqs messaging message-registry messaging-transport wrapper
Lacuna.Pki.AmazonConnector 1.2.0 Lacuna PKI SDK Amazon AWS
Lady Assemblies DNS Serialization
log4net.Appender.AWS 1.2.4
log4net.dynamodb 2.1.0 log4net dynamodb aws nosql
log4net.dynamodb.aws2 2.2.0 log4net dynamodb aws nosql
log4net.Kinesis 0.1.1 f# fsharp aws amazon kinesis bigdata log4net logging
Metricano.CloudWatch 0.2.2 F# fsharp aws amazon cloudwatch
MhLabs.AwsSignedHttpClientNet461 1.0.3
Minion.Web.Amazon 1.1.5 .NET Amazon S3 AmazonS3 Framework Library
MoarUtils 1.0.6957.33707 logit
N2.S3Filesystem N2CMS S3 AWS
Nancy.Session.DynamoDbBasedSessions Nancy
Naos.FileJanitor.MessageBus.Handlers 1.0.13
NLog.Targets.AmazonSNS 0.1.0 NLog SNS
Postal.AmazonSES 0.0.1 Postal Amazon AmazonSES Email .net40
Pvc.CloudFront PVC plugin scriptcs aws cloudfront s3
Pvc.S3 PVC Azure Blob plugin scriptcs
ReactoKinesix 0.6.0
Rolstad.Data 1.0.1 system data aws mapping simpledb
Rolstad.Logging 1.1.0 system Logging
S3.Storage.Wrapper 2.4.0 S3Wrapper
S3Projections.Client 0.1.20
ScrappyDB Amazon SimpleDB Linq Code First ASP.NET Membership
ServiceStack.Caching.AwsDynamoDb 4.0.62 ServiceStack Caching AwsDynamoDb Amazon WebServices AWS DynamoDb Cache CacheClient
ShuttleBus.Transports.AmazonSqs 1.0.1321.1 ServiceBus SQS
Simit.Wrapper.AWS 1.0.1 Simit Wrapper of Amazon Web Services AWS
Simple.Logging.Aws 0.1 Logging AWS Amazon SimpleDB S3
SimpleAmazonSQS sqs amazon guid queue dequeue message messages simple service aws
SimpleS3Log 0.1.1
SimpleWorkflowFramework.NET 1.2.2
SitefinityWebApp 1.0.2 Emakina Sitefinity
ThinkGeo.MapSuite.Elevation 10.4.0 Spatial GIS ThinkGeo MapSuite Map Suite .NET elevation. Mapping
TI.Common 1.4.855.0
Touch.Email.Ses 1.0.1
Touch.Notification.Kinesis 1.0.0
Touch.Notification.Sns 1.0.3
Touch.Persistence.DynamoDB 1.0.4
Touch.Queue.Aws 1.0.3
Touch.Storage.Aws 1.0.14
Vstack.Utilities 2.1.0
XSide.AWS.SimpleDb 1.2.2 aws simpledb orm