7-Zip libraries [ x86 + x64 ]. File archiver with high compression ratio - = [ x86 + x64 ] = For Unmanaged like native C/C++ and Managed like C# .NET (CLR), Java, ... # Package structure: ``` * \bin\x86\ * \bin\x64\ * \build\native\ * \build\net\ * \tools\ ``` # Optional preferences: * To prevent copying into output path, define an msbuild property `NG7zLibsCopyToOutput` as false. * For work with solution level or for manual adding, use GetNuTool - * For .NET projects you can try Conari engine or SevenZipSharp, and so on. # Current package is unofficial and provides the following libraries and tools: * 7z.dll - ~(1.08 MB-1.59 MB) Full 7-Zip engine for work with all available formats. * 7za.dll - ~(260 KB-372 KB) Compact version of 7z.dll library for 7z archives. * 7zxa.dll - ~(155 KB-204 KB) Compact version of 7z.dll library for extracting from 7z archives. * gnt.bat - ~(10.3 KB) GetNuTool to service this package. This package was created specially for and for other related purpose, use it freely! ~~~~~~~~ Get it via GetNuTool: ========================================== gnt /p:ngpackages="7z.Libs/18.05" - - - msbuild gnt.core /p:ngpackages="7z.Libs/18.05" ========================================== *
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