NuGet Status badges are a great way to quickly let the consumers of your project know that they're using an up to date version.

Html Badge

To apply a badge to your site, you simply should add the following code to your project:

<a href="<package>">
    <img src="<package>.png">

Markdown Badge

You can also add your project's status to a GitHub page using GitHub Flavored Markdown:

[![NuGet Status](<package>.png)](<package>)

Depending on the status of the project, a proper image will be displayed.

JSON Badge Info

If you're looking for some JSON information on a package, you can simply use the following for some data.<package>.json

Or if you need JSONP:<package>.json?callback=myFunction

Badges for your Project

Put a badge on you project that tells your users if it is up to date, slightly stale, or completely out of date. These badges determine if your dependencies are up to date or old.

BadgeWhich means...
Up to Date Up to date All dependencies are the latest version, great job!
Needs Update Needs update Not all dependencies are up to date, there are some that could use an update.